Mr. Neondy

We present a funny unity skill game in which you have to help Mr. Neondy stay on a neon platform and avoid the incoming obstacles. Use the arrow keys to move left and right on the platform and the space bar whenever you have to perform jumps. For higher obstacles use the double jump in order to evade them. Your avatar is constantly moving so you have to keep up with it. Reach a specific distance and unlock new difficulty levels. You can also unlock new tunes for more fun. Try this retro unity game and challenge your coordination.

Play Mr. Neondy right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Dungeon Boulder

Dungeon Boulder – Death of Doom is a unity online game still under development. This version offers you two levels of rolling a big lava sphere through a dungeon maze. You have to smash a certain number of each species of monsters in order to finish the level. Be careful of the aggressive enemies that will try to destroy you and will drain your health. Try this fun and entertaining unity engine game and stay tuned for more levels.

Play Dungeon Boulder right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Vertigoex is an indie unity game in which you have to avoid the obstacles that get in your way while speeding up on a special circuit. You gain points as you advance so try to go further each time. Choose your favorite challenge and start the game. Speed and attention are your assets in this unity arcade game.

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Ridiculous Glitching

Ridiculous Glitching is a retro unity game that offers the players a great old style gaming experience. Step into Pacman’s world and expect a new twist that comes with a flappy challenge. Experience the multiplayer mode along with a friend for more fun and competition. Get ready to put your skills to the test and resist as much as possible in this typically arcade game.

Play Ridiculous Glitching right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Octane Witch

Although at first glance you might associate this unity game with a late 80’s one, Octane Witch brings back that successful and innovative era and offers you a unique experience. The story behind this game is the search of your avatar, a witch, for a stolen princess. You have to explore all locations, fight the evil enemies and avoid the threats in order to complete your mission. Step into an almost lost world and enjoy this minimalist unity game and everything it offers.

Play Octane Witch right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Sigma is a lively game inspired by the light spectrum. You are a photon that has to follow its color beam and collect as many photons of the same color on your way.  Discover how white light is dispersed in all the colors of the rainbow and follow the right path without touching the edges. Each time you hit them the game resets on one of the 3 color beams. Use your hand-eye coordination to score high at this unity game.

Play Sigma right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Tales of Essentia

Tales of Essentia is an online unity game in which you will have to use your strategic thinking in order to fight the monsters and save the kingdom. The style of this game is retro, reminding us of the early 90’s RPGs with both its graphics and gameplay. Your character has to explore this fantasy world, complete quests and fight monsters in order to become the much-needed hero. He will level up and his skills will increase with each successful task. Try now this challenging unity game.

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Brew or Die

In the medieval times of magic and alchemy a king sought the elixir of eternal youth. Brew or die is a unity game in which you are an alchemist in a search for this elixir. You have but one night to find the potion, otherwise the gallows await you. Step into the enchanted and mystical world of potions and use all the information given by the book to discover the recipe demanded by the king. Try all the ingredients and mix them perfectly to get out safe. Try this magical unity game that tests your intuition and logic.

Play Brew or Die right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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Snipe em up

Having a creative and also intriguing word-play title, Snipe em up is a unity arcade game that dazzles your expectations. Indeed it has something to do with shooting, but it is far from anyone’s anticipation. With minimalist black and white graphics and childish gameplay, this game is as fun as it is weird. You are a bullet shooting spaceship that has to destroy all the space objects that threat you, while dodging the bullets that come towards you. The game has more levels and also mini-bosses that challenge you even more with their movement and shooting pattern. Try this unity online game and see how far can you go.

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